16. Aug – My soul craves the sadness


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Yesterday while in a bookstore I realized that by picking random books and giving them a shot to impress me by reading either intro or random pages didn’t really work out. I am not sure where is my interest or what’s happening – maybe I had a bad luck. I couldn’t concentrate on any of the fiction books the store offered. In the end I found myself in a poetry area…. and I’m not really known to be interested in poetry and prose that much, although there are some tiny moments when I dive into that world quite deep. Yesterday it happened again. I found myself next to a bookshelf reading with a huge interest rupi kaur and her “milk and honey” (which turns out is the biggest thing ever on tumblr according to my friends). Those ideas were so familiar. I finally felt that I’m being understood or… I’m not really sure. I cannot say that the book was 10 out of 10 my life, not really. Quite opposite maybe. But still! The short words on a page could tell me so much more than long sentences in classic books. I felt such a satisfaction.
Especially I needed the healing part. To hear those words that I already know.
I am not sure what’s happening with me in the middle of this beautiful August, my feelings and thoughts are very mixed. Quite a few storms that need to be survived. I’m mostly afraid that while I’m trying to survive them I might cause other ones to rise.

Anyways, highly recommended by me. Just felt like writing it out.