I realized today that I cannot get this out of my mind. This part of the book raped my brain completely, I’m not able to heal from this brutal truth

” To yearn for an organism of the opposite sex to comprehend and heighten your thoughts and instincts, and to realize that most American males worship woman as a sex machine with rounded breasts and a convenient opening in the vagina, as a painted doll who shouldn’t have a thought in her pretty head other than cooking a steak dinner and comforting him in bed after a hard 9-5 day at a routine business job. * to realize that there are some men who like a girl as a companion in mind as well as body, and want to take picnics in the sunlight instead of parking on a dark road at midnight after an evening of sexual stimulation while walking around a crowded dance floor and embracing breast to breast, stomach to stomach. * to realize that just as you will meet one of the few whom you could learn to be companionable with, the War of Double Hate will blow his guts out for the sake of shedding the light of freedom on the darkened half of the oppressed peoples of the world. ”

Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Feb 1 – seems like a nice day to start blogging

Honestly – I have been trying to start blogging since October 2016 but never really knew how to realise that – by simply lacking a good idea for the blog – until now. Today I decided to give Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 a try. I must confess – I already love it & cannot really name an exact reason why.
I started by creating very simple graphic designs and playing around with shapes. Shaper tool is so much fun! I never imagined to be so fascinated by creating lines. I mean sure – I started realizing that I don’t really like creating traditional art myself while I was still in my first semester taking the drawing&painting class – but now I’m truly starting to see where I should start putting my effort into. I feel that I have a huge interest in that field. So… I’m starting a blog which would motivate me to create more, document it here and later see my progress. The second semester of my first year is finally introducing more interesting subjects in the multimedia field and I’m eager to see what’s going to happen!
Yesterday I had a “Typography and basics of layout” class where the lecturer wanted us to shortly introduce ourselves and how familiar we are with Photoshop, InDesign etc. I realized that the biggest interest I had for Photoshop + ImageReady was between ages 13 and 17. After that I somewhat stopped spending as much time behind computer… but back to the topic – in the end of the class we had to quickly make an A4 (“visual essay”, something similar to Tumblr or Pinterest) which would desrcribe us, our interests etc.
Im posting my result:


Tomorrow I will have a “Video, Performance, Sound and Media Art ” subject. I hope it will be very interesting! Most likely I will post about that later but for now – FIN.